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On this page you will find our most up to date news, if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us on  info@balmahabunkhouse.com, or call us on 01360 870 006.

December 2023

Season’s greetings and a Happy New Year to all our 1,400 guests who made our year
unforgettable at our Balmaha Bunkhouse!

As the Neale family navigated our first year running this haven for walkers on the West Highland Way, your patience and support made all the difference. From April to October 2023, your encouragement helped us garner an impressive 240 five-star reviews on Google and Freetobook. We re-open on 27th March 2024.

Captured within our cozy Bunkhouse on December 24th, the photo below features our
cherished family, many who actually work in the bunkhouse itself, and friends, all
together we were 13!

So here’s to another year of creating memorable experiences together!
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On the second photo is the whole Balmaha team, from left to right you can see: Ian, Ileana, Romy, Tanya (Mima), Marcia, Elie and Yaque.

We want to wish you all the best for the New Year!