About Us

Balmaha Bunkhouse is family run and owned. We are a multicultural family with English and Cuban heritage, proud to call Scotland home since 2019. We have been working hard to transform Balmaha Bunkhouse into a successful business and are committed to providing excellent service. Please visit our Contact Us page, where we are happy to answer questions or to receive any comments you may have.

The core members of our team are Ian and Ileana, their daughters Elie and Romy, Marcia their auntie, and their niece Jaquelines and her young daughter Aurora. Other members of the family include Ileana’s other sister Neyza and the head of our family and Ileana’s mother, Tanya (lovingly referred to as Mima) have also worked hard to bring Balmaha Bunkhouse to where it is today.

Elie and Ileana
Ileana and Elie (joining the José Martí Pioneer Organization, Cuba’s equivalent to Scouts), c. 1996.

Elie, Ileana, Ian
Ian, Ileana, and Elie celebrating at Thai Garden, Rothwell, c. 1998.

four sisters
Ileana with her sisters (left to right: Miriela, Marcia, Neyza, Ileana), c. 1998.

Jaquelines, c. 2000. Jaquelines is a trained nurse and intensive care physician; we are very lucky to have her on the team!

Elie is a Spanish and English teacher who teaches in Balmaha and online. You can find out more about what she does here , 2024.

Ian, Ileana, Romy
Ian and Ileana with Romy after her graduation ceremony, 2022.

Tanya, Ileana's mother
The matriarch of our family and Ileana’s mother, Tanya (affectionately called Mima), c. 2016.
Mima was the first female announcer on Cuban radio.


Photo of Balmaha House and adjacent pyroligneous acid works in 1903.
“View of pyroligneous works at Balmaha. 6th. August. 1903.”
Photo of Balmaha House in 1901.
“View of Balmaha Cottage from the Loch, showing the Little Johnstones in front. April. 1901.”

Balmaha House (known as Balmaha Cottage at the time of these pictures being taken) was built in Victorian times, possibly to house the manager of the adjacent pyroligneous acid works, aka. ‘liquor works’, which closed around 1920. The bunkhouse was erected much later (around 2010).

Framed photograph showing Balmaha Bunkhouse in the late 60s/early 70s.
Balmaha c. late 60s early 70s. The building just behind Balmaha House was an antiques warehouse, upon the foundations of which Balmaha Bunkhouse was later built.